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30% more effective
electric heating

DALYN Technology improves performance and saves in average 30% of energy consumption of electric heating devices.

DALYN Technology modulates current-voltage characteristic of the device, and consequently increases the output of the heating system. Thanks to the new heating dynamics and long-term efficiency it saves in average 30% of electric energy compared to other heating devices.

Used by a wide range of customers, DALYN is not just a theory, but a highly innovative product recognized by independent authorities, such as TÜV-SÜD or ČEZ ESCO. DALYN has also obtained the EMC certificate and is a patented technology.

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Benefits of DALYN Technology

Reduces energy consumption by 30%

Reduces current load

Reduces CO2 emissions

Increases heating dynamics and production productivity

Provides competitive advantage

Applications of DALYN Technology
in heating of air, liquids, solids:

Infrared heating panels

Electric boilers and water heaters

Electric sauna heaters

White goods with heating elements

Water heating in production facilities

Industrial product tempering

Industrial dryers

Heating on food industry production line

Case study: Bakery

The case study is a real-life example of a bakery in Prague. The bakery is using Swedish electric ovens REVENT 624. Each oven has 9 heating elements. The overall power input is 67,5 kW and annual power consumption is 155.520 kWh. Thanks to the enhanced performance using DALYN Technology we have reduced the heating elements to 6.

With DALYN Technology, the annual power consumption is 109.670 kWh. 

Approx. 30% less! While, at the same time, the productivity has been increased by 33%! (because of improved dynamics of the heating cycle)

The exact savings depend on the type of device and its operation. We provide a binding calculation before the installation.


In 2015, our company carried out first installation of DALYN Technology in our premises in Nové Butovice. The company NAMI-Tech offered their technology to reduce the consumption of electric heating for a trial period.

In the contract, NAMI-Tech guaranteed a minimum of 25% savings. Before the installation, we carried out an evaluation of the operation, quantified the consumption and the operating cost of our sauna world. After installation, we evaluated everything. The conclusion was that the savings clearly exceeded the guaranteed 25%. We therefore decided to install the technology in our other centers as well. We are still using the technology to our satisfaction today. We are currently in discussion with NAMI-Tech to extend their technology in our other facilities.
Bohumil Píše
CEO Saunia, s.r.o.
Our castle has a large cellar, which we occasionally rent out or organize there social events by ourselves. Since the cellar is partially built into the rock, the walls are made of stone and the temperature in the place is stable at about 8°C with relatively high humidity. These circumstances considerably limit the usage of our premises.

Before the test of the heating system with DALYN Technology, we used a 15 kW primary heating fan to heat the space. Before the event, we started the heating about 24 hours in advance. Afterwards, the premises were heated to 13-14°C. However, with each door opening there was a considerable leakage of accumulated heat and the overall thermal comfort was not very good.  For the 2022 Christmas party after discussions with NAMI-Tech, we decided to use similar heat-insulated fans for heating in combination with DALYN Technology. NAMI-Tech installed the heating only 6 hours before the event. During this time the temperature of the premises increased from 8°C to approx. 16°C. We also noticed a significantly higher thermal comfort because the walls of the cellar and the mobiliary were also heated. Another noticeable effect was that the accumulated heat was not released by opening of the door.

So, if we compare the original situation: heating approx. 24 hours before the event, input 15 kW, with a consumption of approx. 360 kWh and a price of 8 CZK/kWh, the heating costs were approx. 2,880 CZK. With DALYN Technology: heating approx. 6 hours before the event, power input approx. 16,5 kW, with a consumption of 99 kWh and a price of 8 CZK/kWh, heating costs were approx. 800 CZK.  In conclusion, we can confirm that the costs have been significantly reduced and more importantly, we have found a technology that is able to heat our castle premises and cellars and allow us to use the premises more often. Thanks to that we are negotiating with NAMI-Tech to implement DALYN Technology wherever possible throughout our facilities.
Radek Toms
Nelahozeves Castle Director


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