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Get updates on events at Namitech and news about advancements in the theory of physics, about our successful and failed laboratory experiments, and most importantly, about specific applications in practice. Thank you for your attention, energy and sharing!

Watch videos from SEM2023 Conference: Beyond Standard Model of Electromagnetism

SEM 2023 was a great success. We had 5 presentations throughout the day from our friends, academics, scientists, and researchers hailing from all

International conference SEM 2024 – save the date!

Why is there a growing feeling that the relevance of today’s physics to our real lives is vanishing? Is this because everything has

FOUCZECH Energy Saving Systems implements DALYN Technology

A Czech innovative manufacturer of infrared heating panels has implemented DALYN Technology into his product line. This unique line of safety glass infrared heating

NAMI-Tech introduces DALYN Technology

We introduce an energy saving technology for electric heating devices. Our business approach is to implement DALYN Technology into new products together with