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Clean energy,
here and now

At Namitech, we are creating a new reality in the generation and consumption of electrical energy. Our major focus is on researching the electromagnetic field and its dynamics. Often, we observe phenomena that contradict classical theories and established ideas of today’s physics. Our goal is to transfer our breakthrough experimental observations into new technologies that improve the quality of life for people around the world.


We have a dream to bring about clean energy accessible to everyone

Namitech conducts research on electromagnetism and develops practical applications aimed at higher efficiency in the consumption and production of electrical energy. We are committed to discovering the neglected and unrevealed properties of electromagnetic fields and ultimately providing our customers with cleaner and more accessible electricity.

Classical theory of

The current version of the theory of electromagnetism, so called Maxwell-Heaviside theory, originates from the second half of the 19th century. The formulation of this theory and its experimental confirmation (the discovery of electromagnetic radio waves by Heinrich Herz in 1886) led to the boom in technologies based on electromagnetism, and served as well as a pillar of Einstein’s theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and thus basically all of today’s physics. 

It is likely the reason of currently prevailing belief that there is nothing to add to the Maxwell-Heaviside theory and nothing left to discover or theoretically extend. Our view is that current modern physics has been stuck and hasn’t brought anything with a direct practical application addressing everyday problems. The current endeavours are in rather abstract concepts – such as the discovery of the Higgs boson, the observation of gravitational waves or the black hole photograph.

But, what happens when we take a look back at the roots, the original Maxwell theory? It was formulated in 1864 using quaternion divisible algebra (a highly complex mathematical model), but was subsequently simplified to today’s Maxwell-Heaviside theory by using a less complex vector algebra (vector calculus was created from the 4D quaternion algebra by elimination of one dimension and by removal of complex units). The vector calculus and some other simplifications led to the current theory of electromagnetism that excludes some very interesting possibilities, such as the existence of so far ignored fields (besides the electric and magnetic fields). 

Returning to the the original quaternion divisible model and to similar simplified theories gives us better understanding of electromagnetism and some phenomena that are inexplicable for today’s science. At the same time, this opens the opportunity for research and development in the field of new, truly ecological energy solutions.

Evolution of energetics,
here and now

Our mission is to encourage open scientific and public discussion and to raise awareness of potential alternatives to mainstream physics. We strive to transfer new discoveries and theories into practice. We achieve this through the Namitech team and openly offer cooperation to all like-minded partners.

Is it possible to extend our knowledge in the field of electromagnetism and new physics? To develop completely new technologies that will be much more efficient, economical and also more environmentally friendly?

How much more is hidden in what we call the empty space? Was Nikola Tesla’s prediction correct? At Namitech, we are looking for answers to these questions. 

Feel free to join us!


Namitech connects people with rich scientific, research and entrepreneurial experience. We are therefore able to deliver both theoretical and laboratory results as well as specific business opportunities. We are united by the courage to set out on an uncharted path and by the desire to make new discoveries that will fundamentally advance the growth of humanity.


Miroslav Odložilík

Leader and Prime Mover, COO

Petr Marek

Visionary, Investor and CEO

Ivan Konečný

Business Strategist and Explorer

Ladislav Chodák

Investor and Mentor


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