FOUCZECH Energy Saving Systems implements DALYN Technology

A Czech innovative manufacturer of infrared heating panels has implemented DALYN Technology into his product line. This unique line of safety glass infrared heating panels is equipped with DALYN Technology that optimizes the electric energy consumption and improves the performance of the heating panel by shortening the heating initiation time by 50% and saving energy consumption in average 30% compared to other heating panels.

FOUCZECH ESX400+ powered by DALYN Technology panels create the most healthy and economical heating system with timeless design.

NAMI-Tech introduces DALYN Technology

We introduce an energy saving technology for electric heating devices. Our business approach is to implement DALYN Technology into new products together with innovative companies, such as producers of infrared heating panels, electric sauna heaters, electric boilers, etc. We are also developing individual industrial solutions for food and engineering industries. DALYN Technology improves performance and saves in average 30% of energy consumption of electric heating devices.

International conference SEM2023 – save the date!

Why is there a growing feeling that the relevance of today’s physics to our real lives is vanishing? Is this because everything has already been discovered? Or is it because some basic pillars of today’s physics are ripe for revision?

There are good reasons to believe that reformulating some outdated and contradictory theories could bring fresh wind to the development of new technologies with potential in the fields of energy sources, communication, transportation and many others. 

This conference brings together experts in the field of “beyond-classical” electromagnetism, relativity and quantum physics. 

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